Camp Stove and Fire Pit
In 3 sizes

small model

Small for day use areas
16D x 26W x 16H

standard model

Standard for individual campsites
24D x 28W x 23H


Large for group areas
24D x 48W x 23H

FIRESAFE™ Camp Stove and Fire Pit is an extremely effective wildfire prevention device that can be used in campgrounds, day use areas, RV parks, backyards, and cabin environments—virtually anywhere an open campfire poses a wildfire threat. It has been designed to meet and exceed strict fire regulations that require permanently constructed fire pits with covering grates.

FIRESAFE™ dampens and eliminates threatening sparks while the fire is burning, completely contains flames, and eliminates the threat of windblown debris once the fire has reduced to hot coals and ash. The flames are visible from all sides, allowing users to enjoy the ambience and warmth of a campfire without the risk of an open fire.



has a fire chamber and front access door, a cooking grate, and a covering lid. The door provides easy access to the fire chamber for loading wood, charcoal, or other fuel and enables the user to load without disturbing the cooking surface. This easy access is also convenient for cleaning. The cooking grate is positioned directly above the fire chamber and provides a large cooking surface for either direct placement of food to be cooked (burgers, steaks, hot dogs, etc.) or for using pots, pans, or other cooking vessels. In the closed position, the lid contains the fire and threatening sparks and provides a warming surface for items such as coffee and bread. It also provides an oven effect that aids the cooking process . The "oven" can be used as a slow smoker if the fire is properly regulated.


Camp Stove
and Fire Pit
ADA Model

Measuring 16” deep x 26” wide,
the bottom of the FIRESAFE™ ADA
pit is 9” off the ground. The cooking grate is 19.5” off the ground.

The lid opens and closes with less than 5
pounds of pressure.

ADA model
side view side view side view

FIRESAFE™ is designed to have the access door and lid closed while burning. The only time the access door or lid should be opened is to attend the fire or food being prepared.

We recommend installation on a concrete pad.

U.S. Patent 9027543 and 9402509.
U.S. Patent D773622S and D775714S.


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